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If your floor care products aren’t working properly your entire factory or industrial plant could have a kink in the assembly line, a halt in production, or become unappealing to your customers. Industrial Floor Care Products carries OEM parts for walk-behind, ride-on, and manual push floor care equipment. 



Industrial Floor Care Products offers maintenance & repairs for new & used floor care equipment including:




From Top Brands like:

Factory Cat floor scrubbers & sweepers Factory Cat floor scrubbers & sweepers Factory Cat floor scrubbers & sweepers

Contact Industrial Floor Care Products today to schedule repair or maintenance service for your floor care products and get your production floor operating optimally!




Industrial Floor Care Products, LLC provides replacement parts for sweepers & scrubbers in Mequon. We carry cleaning machine parts for sweepers & scrubbers from top brands such as Factory Cat. We guarantee our parts with warranties. Plus, we provide speedy and friendly service. Your business is important to us and we will be there for you.


Floor scrubber & sweeper filters - Replacements & service Filters: Industrial facilities contain large quantities of dirt and dust which need to be filtered. Obstructed filters can damage the motor of your sweeper or scrubber over time if they are not replaced.


Floor scrubber & sweeper squeegees - Replacements & service Squeegee Blades: Squeegee blades are essential to the effectiveness of your floor scrubber. Worn blades will leave dirt and/or liquid behind on your floors. If your squeegee blades have holes, cracks, or tears, replace them with OEM parts of the same size.


Floor scrubber & sweeper brushes - Replacements & service Brushes and Brooms: Rotating brushes and brooms come into contact with the most dirt and grime when you are using your floor sweeper. Over time, the bristles will eventually wear down and become ineffective. 


Floor scrubber & sweeper batteries - Replacements & service Batteries: Ensuring that your battery is well-maintained and corrosion-free will keep your industrial equipment running at full capacity. Inspect cables, terminals, and chargers for cracks or wear and replace them as needed.


Floor scrubber & sweeper belts - Replacements & service Belts: Rubber belts are responsible for controlling brushes and driving the equipment. The heat generated from continuous use and certain cleaning chemicals can cause belts to become stretched and slip over time. It is best to change your belts every 6 months to 1 year depending on the volume of use. 




Stay on schedule and keep your industrial-grade floor cleaners in tip-top shape with our yearly maintenance services. Regular tune-ups will keep your floor care machine in perfect working order and provide a longer service life.

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