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Used Windsor Saber Cutter Floor Scrubber

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This machine - Refurbished items/Hours: Hour Meter: 318.8 New Light New Grit Brushes New Charger Underwent full diagnostic in shop

Run Time

3 Hrs.

Sweeper Type


Cleaning Rate(sq.ft/hr)

25,000 Sq. Ft/Hr

Foundation Pressure (at recommended tire psi): 48 psi

Maximum Speed: 3.2 Miles/hour (5.2 km/hour)

Frame Construction: Steel plate with epoxy powdercoat finish.

Brakes: Tire lock parking brake.

Minimum aisle u-turn width: 36 in. (90 cm)

Scrub Head: 73” (185 cm)

Body Dimensions: 64 x 21 x 45

Weight: 346 lbs.


Power: 3-stage, 0.75 hp

Brush Speed: 200 rpm

Battery AH Rating: 4-6V 250 A/H batteries, 24V/21A C175 automatic charger w/ Pad Drivers

Battery Run Time: Up To 3 Hours


Solution Tank Capacity: 23 Gallons

Recovery Tank Capacity: 25 Gallons

Productivity: 25,000 ft/hr


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