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Industrial Floor Scrubbers Sheboygan

Industrial Floor Scrubbers near Sheboygan

Sheboygan's predominant employment sector, constituting 36% of the workforce and employing over 9,000 people, is centered around manufacturing. Upholding a safe and productive workspace in compliance with industry regulations necessitates the maintenance of clean floors. Explore our diverse array of industrial floor scrubbers at Industrial Floor Care Products, an authorized distributor of Factory Cat. From walk-behind to ride-on and manual push scrubbers, our selection is tailored to meet the distinctive cleaning needs of manufacturing warehouses and factories. Attain a sparkling and sanitary facility through our complimentary demos conducted at your location, presenting a variety of options. Let us guide you in selecting the perfect floor scrubber for your Sheboygan facility.

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ride on floor scrubbers for sale near waukesha

Factory Cat Ride On Floor Scrubbers

Explore our extensive selection of ride-on floor scrubbers, carefully designed to meet your distinct floor cleaning requirements. With cleaning widths ranging from 25" to 46", our models excel in efficiently cleaning between 37,400 and 51,000 sq. ft. per hour. Customized to suit your operational needs, our models offer runtime durations ranging from 3.5 to 7 hours, ensuring reliable productivity. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance both time and cost savings—explore our selection today!
ModelCleaning WidthCleaning RateRun Time
Factory Cat XR 40-46" 37,300 sq. ft. per hour 5 Hours
Factory Cat GTR 29-37" 51,000 sq. ft. per hour 5.5 Hours
Factory Cat GTX 26-34" 37,840 sq. ft. per hour 7 Hours
Factory Cat Pilot 25-29" 40,000 sq. ft. per hour 3.5 Hours

Can’t decide? Contact our floor care experts for more information or for a free demo on a ride on scrubber.

walk behind floor scrubbers for sale near waukesha

Factory Cat Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers

Immerse yourself in the seamless blend of convenience, power, and durability with our walk-behind floor scrubbers. Say goodbye to worker fatigue and manual cleaning by opting for one of our efficient floor scrubbers. With a cleaning width range from 17" to 34", our walk-behind models ensure effortless navigation even in tight spaces. Achieve optimal cleanliness as these scrubbers effectively clean between 26,000 to 47,244 sq. ft. per hour, coupled with a runtime ranging from 2.5 to 5 hours. Dive into our array of walk-behind floor scrubbers today for a superior cleaning experience.

ModelCleaning WidthCleaning RateRun Time
Factory Cat MAG-HD 29-34" 33,932 sq. ft. per hour 5 Hours
Factory Cat MINIHD 25-29" 27,027 sq. ft. per hour 3.5 Hours
Factory Cat MICRO-HD 17-26" 26,000 sq. ft. per hour 2.5 Hours
Factory Cat MICROMINI 17-26" 47,244 sq. ft. per hour 3.5 Hours
Factory Cat MICROMAG 17-20" 31,496 sq. ft. per hour 2.5 Hours

Our floor care experts can provide you with more information to make an educated decision or even provide a free demo at your facility. Contact us today!

Used Floor Scrubbers near Sheboygan

Discover a cost-effective solution in our inventory of used floor scrubbers, meticulously refurbished to uphold high-quality standards and presented at competitive prices. Choose from reputable brands such as Factory Cat, Magnum, and more, ensuring both reliability and performance. Delve into our selection of used floor scrubbers to meet your floor care needs.

Connect with our floor care experts today to explore the perfect solution within our current stock and receive personalized assistance tailored to your specific requirements.

Floor Scrubber Rental in Sheboygan

Elevate your cleaning game in Sheboygan with floor scrubber rental services from Industrial Floor Care Products. Our range includes industrial floor scrubber rental, sweeper scrubber rental, walk-behind floor scrubber rental, and more. Keep your workspace spotless and efficient by contacting us today. Let us help you achieve unparalleled cleanliness in Sheboygan!

Sheboygan Floor Scrubber Parts Provider

If your floor scrubber encounters operational issues, Industrial Floor Care is here for you with a comprehensive selection of OEM scrubber parts from leading brands like Factory Cat, TomCat, and Kodiak, ensuring a swift restoration to optimal functionality. Rest assured, we have the parts you need, including:

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Rest easy with our quality assurance – every part is backed by warranties, and our service is both swift and friendly. For maintenance assistance, we have you covered with our services, available at your facility or ours. Don't hesitate to reach out for all your maintenance needs; we're here to help.

Floor Scrubber Repair Service in Sheboygan

When your floor scrubber in the Sheboygan area requires expert care, trust Industrial Floor Care Products for professional floor cleaning machine repair services. Our skilled technicians are committed to delivering unmatched expertise in diagnosing and fixing issues with precision. Whether it's minor adjustments or major repairs, we assure meticulous care for your industrial floor cleaners. Rely on us for prompt and dependable solutions that minimize downtime, ensuring your operations in Sheboygan run smoothly. Our floor sweeper and scrubber repair services extend to the Sheboygan region and beyond.

used floor scrubbers for sale near Sheboygan


What is a floor scrubber used for?

Floor scrubbers are your best option to quickly and efficiently clean your warehouse, factory, or any commercial space. They will leave your space sparkling and sanitary to allow your workforce to operate efficiently.

How long does a floor scrubber run?

An industrial floor scrubber can run anywhere between 2.5 and 7 hours depending on the model. This is plenty of time to efficiently clean and sanitize your facility. Check out our various models of industrial floor scrubbers to find your best fit.

How big of a facility can a floor scrubber clean?

Floor scrubbers really have no limit to the space they can clean. Models with various battery options and run times can clean anywhere between 26,000 and 51,000 sq. ft. per hour. Contact our experts for more information or a demo today to find the right fit for your facility!

What should I do if my floor scrubber breaks?

Industrial Floor Care Products offers service and maintenance for your broken floor scrubbers in the greater Milwaukee area. Our trained service technicians perform local repairs on all floor sweepers to get you back up and running. We also carry OEM scrubber parts to have you running like the original.

Is it worth buying a used floor scrubber?

Yes! If you’re not ready for the investment in a new floor scrubber, we take our reconditioning process very seriously and provide high-quality refurbished and used floor scrubbers.

Can I rent a floor scrubber for my facility in Sheboygan?

We offer rentals on industrial floor scrubbers in Wisconsin if you’re looking for a temporary floor care solution. Rent industrial floor scrubbers from us today!

Industrial Floor Care Products prides itself on exemplary service. Contact us today for more information, a demo, or maintenance needs on your industrial floor scrubber.